In a Facebook post this evening, long time opposition leader Steve Chia from the National Solidarity Party (NSP) has written about his party’s decision to contest MacPherson Single Member Constituency (SMC) and why he finds it frustrating to work with the WP for a compromise over the ward.

Read his post in his own words here:

Why MacPherson?

The NSP CEC has deliberated on this at length and decided to strike a balance between avoiding unnecessary conflict and keeping faith with our supporters.

The CEC strongly supports the decision to proceed with contesting in the MacPherson SMC where considerable outreach has been done prior to the 2011 General Elections.

This decision made by the CEC is final, and reflects our view that maintaining Opposition unity requires mutual respect and a spirit of compromise on the part of all parties.

At the all party meeting, the Workers Party had not given a deadline in their offer and their reps had agreed to come back at the 2nd meeting to finalise the discussion. So, they left us in a very unreasonable state.

And our calls and emails and WhatsApp message to them all went unanswered. There is no respect for fellow comrades in the cause.

We can only hope WP will respect us and give up the single SMC as they had initially promised.

What other surprises will the NSP spring this coming election? How will the WP respond? Stay tuned as we bring you more updates as it happens.

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