The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) today slammed the Media Development Authority (MDA) for branding its recent short parody video as a party political film. This was in response to an MDA advisory issued to all political parties yesterday highlighting Section 33 of the Films Act that prohibits people from making or reproducing any party political film, or distributing or exhibiting it.

The video, which shows a woman washing out the words “transparency” and “democracy” on her laundry with Pappy Washing Powder – a dig at the incumbent People’s Action Party (PAP), was actually aimed at reaching out to the public using satire, parody and song, says SDP secretary-general Dr Chee Soon Juan.

In a post on the SDP Facebook page, Dr Chee declared that MDA’s actions “cannot be seen as anything else other than a naked attempt to stop the SDP’s effective use of the social media to communicate our message to the people”.

SDP compared the video to the Government’s videos on MediShield Life and Pioneer Generation Package that made use of the Journey to the West fable and adapted a popular Cantonese song, and called out MDA on its double standards.

Dr Chee said that the PAP should not stop the SDP from further posting its campaign videos. “What the PAP should do is match the SDP in creativity and resourcefulness when it comes to reaching out to people, not ban the SDP’s activities whenever we become effective,” he added.

The Pappy Washing Powder video takes the form of a commercial for a detergent called “Pappy White” that washes out the words “transparency” and “democracy” on clothing. It has been watched 30,000 times in less than two weeks, said Dr Chee.

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