in my previous job i was under a myanmar lady 40 + year old supervisor at first 2 weeks she was ok after 2 weeks show true colours liao, u got question canot ask her find out yourself, lunctime i cant go must wait until she finish lunch sometime 430 pm if got rush submission, normally 2pm to 230pm then eat then she will smash table shout at me whther i do right or wrong, then when i help her solve some it network issue she say i was just being pure lucky day striking lottery heng heng tyco nia.

Then come judement time pass my probation the 4 month in the job i was admitted to a&e due to some flu issue doctor gave me 2 day mc she say canot 1 day mc later must come back

“Action speak louder then words if u wanna assist me” tats wat she said to me i called the main boss say the myanmar lady supervisor say canot take mc then she immediately next day dunwan me liao the boss told me he like me but cant interfere as she know the company secret too much he cant sack her, biang ey sibei sway!!!

am i too cui 4 month never even take 1 day leave or mc terminate me liao still want me go back work to help her rush submission. actually the boss told her i can take 1 month notice stay at home find job but she lied to me say must come back in the end i call my boss den he allow me no need come back.

haizz sian. 1st well prospect job ganna screwd by myanmar lady supervisor somemore she married singapore guy. abit fat not pretty still think she beautiful.

Lau JM
A.S.S. Reader

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