I am a humble and normal Singaprean who borned in the late 60s penning my views on this government.

I have seen and heard of people saying how bad the governing party is. As I always say, no government is perfect in this world. I still believe that Singapore is in good hand if the PAP is still in government. Just imagine PAP has been in government for half a century and out of sudden another party took over, can you imagine what will be like in the future of Singapore? I can imagine, if this day comes. Investments will slowly pull out from Singapore, stock market will drop, unemployment rate goes up, properties price drop, the rich will flee out of Singapore, economic performance drop, GDP drop and etc. This is the changes you will see and your next generation will suffer. No future for them.

>If another party comes in to govern Singapore, in the global stage who know them? They only know Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Goh Cheok Tong. So what does it mean? It means no countries in the global stage know about Singapore. They will lost confidence in this country, no more investments will come in. This is what you want to see Singapore without a good, honest and efficient government?

I won’t denied that some time the policy implemented by the PAP might not favour many Singaporeans, I also feel that way sometime but if you re-think and analyse again it actually benefit Singapore as a whole. These policies may take time to take effect.

I still believe that PAP has the passion to serve the people and will continue to look into the interest of all fellow Singaporeans.

The opposition want to compete in the GE but they tell you that they are not ready to take over the government! What is this? They just want to criticise and comments on the government policies or the way how PAP govern but they are not ready to take over. They just want to be voted into the parliament and collect the monthly allowance. This is the best job in the world. In the parliament how often do you see the opposition parties propose good ideas? I hardly see it.

I have foreign friends that envy and admire Singaporeans to have a good, honest and efficient government but I just don’t understand why some Singaporeans don’t really appreciate it.

Our pioneers had fought hard to build this country and develop this country to a first World country. What we having now. A secure, stable, peaceful and people living hamorously with one another regardless of race and religion is because of the sweat, tears and blood of our pioneers.

I really hope that all Singaporeans vote wisely and for the seek of your next generations.


A.S.S. Contributor

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