Salam Editors,

I refer to your article on Sunday about Mr Goh Chok Tong urging voters to judge both WP and PAP by the same standards.

I find this hard as a voter of Aljunied and even harder when the people of Singapore more or less tends to side with the WP though they have failed in their job of running a Town Council as alleged by the Judge while most of them have also failed as orators.

In Parliament, they are remotely silent on CPF and massive Immigration issues, on human and child right abuses until the UN and MP Chia Yong Yong had to step in to say something and most of all, failed to champion any minority rights and causes.

While ESM Goh is absolutely right about the PAP letting the voters of Aljunied down, it is now left to be seen if he or his party’s Chairman/Secretary General will be setting things right by not taking the challenge of Aljunied lightly as they did the last time.

Just as Low Thia Khiang and his party’s Chair are similarly taking Marine Parade and Macpherson voters for a ride by sending an unpopular candidate from the now defunct Moulmein-Kallang GRC as well as their funeral project executive to leverage on the ageing estate’s death toll while they themselves remain in Aljunied to defend their seats solely on familarity. I hope ESM Goh will not be doing the same by remaining in Marine Parade and leaving much of the offensive to the PAP’s suicide squad at Aljunied like that of Hougang’s Lionel de Souza. Charles Chong on the other hand, is most likely to defeat Lee Li Lian who spends most of her time on confinement and family matters, neglecting her residents while remaining almost silent in Parliament.

I would like to caution that if ESM Goh chooses to remain in Marine Parade, then voters like myself will have to reconsider our support as the fundamentals at Marine Parade are sure to be very weak that the ESM is unable to leave his ward.

Aljunied voters will then have to contend with more neglect and inefficiencies especially in the wards of Kaki Bukit and Bedok Reservoir-Punggol after the removal of Kahar and ESM from the equation while Singapore takes another step towards regression due to partisan politicking!

Panglima Melayu
A.S.S. Contributor

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