It is a phenomenon that I have witnessed in the past few years.

During my frequent taxi rides, I will chit chat with the cab drivers and to my astonishment , I realised many have very high qualifications and were working in very senior positions before becoming cab drivers.

And I know they are not CSB from the way they carried themselves and from their perfect diction and use of sophisticated technical jargons that someone from that particular industry will have a good grasp of.

I ever converse with an very articulate PhD holder who was a former Financial Director of a big company before he was asked to leave for reasons he did not revealed to me. He could not find a job that commensurates his qualification and pay ever since and lowering his expectations did not land him a PMET job as well. I reached home in a state of shock.

This is really a sad state of affairs for Sinkies!

Singaporean Peasant
A.S.S. Reader

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