This is Randy, Managing Director of SD Perfume. Regards to the recent post “SD PERFUME REJECTED CAPABLE MALAY JOB APPLICANT WHO CAN SPEAK CHINESE” that is feature at; I would like to provide you with more information.

For our company we do open our job opportunities to all races. In fact, 60% of our current retail assistants are Malay.

We are apologetic that we have turned down the candidate (who posted the WhatsApp conversation on Facebook), as we are in the mid of trying to achieve a balance of staff of different cultures/races so to:

– allow our full time staff to be on leave or off during their culture/religion festival seasons/holidays
– prevent/reduce the impact of man power shortages during festival seasons.

The incident has been a painful and valuable lesson that taught us to be more sensitive, and to be more careful in the use of wording.

The incident has indeed caught us off handed, as we have been receiving a lot accuses of being racist.

Despite of having to face all the criticisms and accuses, we are heartening to have the support from our Malay staff as well as Malay customers.

The little gesture by our Malay staff that joined us recently who attempted to revive push up (by giving a five stars maximum rating) our Facebook page review rating; the encouragement messages from our regular Malay customers who came across the FB post, have given us the strength to get up.

I hope that the editorial of can help us to share the unknown side of the incident to all readers and fans.

Yours Faithfully,
Randy Chen
Managing of Director
SD Perfume

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