In a likely response to a viral article claiming a regular Navy personnel facing discrimination on the ship he served in, the SAF has issued the following statement. It states that MINDEF does not tolerate discriminatory behaviour and will be investigating the claims. If any personnel is found to have breached the SAF Code of Conduct, disciplinary proceedings will be taken.

Chinese-Muslim RSN Regular Allegedly Subjected To Mental Torture Through Racist Abuse, RSN And MINDEF Must Investigate

“It has come to our attention that there are social media posts spreading allegations of discriminatory practices in the SAF. MINDEF/SAF takes such allegations seriously as it impacts public trust and undermines the strong public support for National Service (NS) and the SAF.

MINDEF/SAF does not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour and is investigating to determine the facts of the case. We take a serious view of the conduct of our servicemen. If any service personnel is found to have breached our Code of Conduct, disciplinary proceedings will be convened and the necessary actions will be taken.”

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