Dear all,

Good afternoon, all families and friends. I know all of you have been wondering why I didn’t speak up enough for the last few days. Now I would like to clarify a few things in order to stop this mess which I had blindly created.

I’ve known Regina for a few months and because of her background, I took pity of her and showed my concern as a friend to help her in a situation.

I have no ill intentions but genuine help for her. Which she had mistakenly treated it as something else. For the past few months, her gang members approached me, threatened me to take care of her. I had to, in order to protect my family. As I do not wish to jeopardise them and put them in danger. So from a normal friend, I’ve became a boyfriend unwillingly.

Regina told me lies about her husband. Saying that as long as I treat her well, he will not find my trouble and let us be together. But upon reading the newspapers of the husband, I am utterly shocked. I would like to let the husband know that I did not “steal” his wife at all. And I am sorry for the 2 kids she abandoned.

For the Shin Min interview, I would like to clarify that I did not buy the rings. Regina mentioned that she wanted to represent “us”. I did not consent to it as all. She brought me down to couples lab and she placed order for it. I did not say that I wanted both sides of the world. I had told the reporter no comment at all which to my shock, it was fabricated to such ridiculous news. What i told the reporter is I have no idea about the future. I won’t divorce my wife for sure.

Now that Regina posted a photo of us, I would like to clarify to all that we took the photo as friends. We are not a couple at all. I love my wife and kids very much. But due to certain circumstances, I am being forced to play Regina’s “boyfriend”.

I plead all to understand the stress and traumas that I’ve been through for the past few months. There was no relationship at all.

For this moment right now, I would like to make a report to the police on the threats that I have been receiving by her gang members and gang chief.

I hope you all join me in protecting my family and saving my marriage.

Joyce, I love you and the kids. I hope you can forgive me for the dumb mistake I’ve made. I am deeply sorry for the hurt I’ve caused you but no more. I will lodge a police report. Guys, please help me with my family. Thank you.

Sign off,
Henry (Keong)

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