Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association (PA) Minister Lim Swee Say said that the PA broke financial regulations out of “good intentions” and “for the benefit of residents”, citing S$3.67 million worth of contracts which awarded contracts without a tender:

“Five contracts by two CCs with poor locations to provide children enrichment, food and entertainment services. One CC is in a housing estate under redevelopment and the other is in a new housing estate in its early stage of development.

One contract for the installation of an ATM machine by a particular local bank to complement ATMs of two other local banks in the neighbourhood.

One contract for the renewal and continuation of childcare services for the convenience of the parents and their children.

Three contracts for the introduction of new community lifestyle concepts to encourage family bonding and to inject vibrancy in the neighbourhood.

Two contracts for food outlets that are popular with heartlanders, including youths and families with young children.

One contract for a non-profit community organisation that promotes healthy lifestyles, in particular for senior residents.”

These claims by the Manpower Minister however are not specific and did not reveal the specific community centres and projects involved. Minister Lim Swee Say also defended the resigned RC chairman who approved his own claims totaling S$114,767, saying the RC chairman did it out of “good intentions”:

“The seven claims made by the chairman were for a case of immediate financial assistance for a needy family at a funeral wake; a working dinner; an appreciation dinner for volunteers and community partners; as well as four claims for workplan retreats. Although there was no evidence of dishonesty, the CCC Chairman concerned has taken personal responsibility for these lapses and resigned from his position”

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