Came across this disturbing post on Facebook. This know-it-all insurance agent is gloating over her client's mishap. Yes the client maybe under-insured due to budget constraint or personal reasons but posting this on Facebook is totally uncalled for.

This haughty agent said on Facebook:

"As a insurance agent, as a friend, I nag and nag and nag to get the minimal coverage.. 100% hospital coverage and accident plan. That's the very least you can do for financial protection in the event of an accident or staying in a hospital. You think it's a waste spending this $50 (monthly) but end up you are paying more when you are under insured. Now you had an accident, there is nothing much I can do to help you. Firstly you were ignorant now you're begging for help. ‪#‎lifeirony‬"

She seems to be happy over her client's mishap and that the client is now being penalized for not listening to her advice. An advice is an advice and the consumers has the right to listen or not. Giving sarcastic remarks like 'Accompany you is the best i could do' is not needed.

Clients are the ones giving commissions to the agents and instead of showing empathy, this agent post stuffs on Facebook and let everybody sees. Is there a code of conduct for agents? Is it ethical for agents to do this? You decide.

Chong Yang

A.S.S. Contributor


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