Dear ASS Editors,

Awful and disappointing!! An awful experience at EAT. IMM outlet! Recently i went to have noodles at your IMM outlet. I’m utterly disappointed with your staff dishonesty. I ordered my usual favorite minced pork noodles and my friend ordered fishball noodles soup.

When the food was presented to us, the fishball were partially black (please see photo attached). When I asked the staff who cooked the noodles, he told me was sprinkle of pepper on it. I was kind of suprise cause all these while I know there are no sprinkle of pepper at all. (I’m a faithful customer to your clementi mall outlet. I must say, clementi is still the best so far)

When I try to dip the fishball in my soup, the black stain is still on it. When u try to press it wif my chopsticks, there oil coming out. To sum up, both my friends and I did not consume the fishballs.

I would greatly appreciate if you can look into it. Dishonesty will not bring good reputation to your company. Most of all, freshness of food is VERY IMPORTANT.

I have written to the management and it have been 2 days and no one have reply. A good service should be replied within 24 Hours!

Miss Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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