Dear BreadTalk,

I’ve been a loyal customer and a big fan of your floss bun for years. The recent soya bean milk fiasco, discouraging though as it was, was still not quite enough to put me off buying your floss buns, partly because I never bothered with buying your soya bean milk anyway.

As I happened to be within the vicinity of a BreadTalk branch this morning, (Toa Payoh to be specific) I decided to purchase 4 floss buns as the banner outside your store stated that the promotion of 50c off per $5 purchase of buns was still ongoing. Looking closer, you can see that the advert itself states that this promotion would be valid from the 1st of August to the 24th of August 2015. To my utter dismay and disbelief, I was told by the cashier that this promotion was over, despite the banner saying otherwise! Being somewhat skeptical, I went to ask other members of the staff in the same branch, all of whom concured with the cashier. As such, I can only conclude that the decision to end this promotion prematurely was made by higher management, to which I must admit to being a little confused.

In the wake of the recent soya bean milk fiasco, common sense dictates that your team should extend existing promotions or even introduce newer and better promotions as way of apology to your customer base. You however seem to have opted for the opposite, which is to end existing promotions prematurely! If that plus the recent soya bean milk fiasco isn’t proof of your management’s questionable decision-making skills, I don’t know what is.

This post isn’t even about the 50c, which isn’t a large sum of money. Its more about your own accountability to the public. Why would you say one thing and do another? Having that promo banner outside your store and not fulfiling it is exactly that.

The photo attached is proof. Take note that I have removed the cashier’s name from the receipt as I am not here to put his/her job in jeopardy, especially because I do not believe that that person to be at fault.

Yours sincerely,
Mr floss fan no longer

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