Dear ASS,

I was looking at the line up for the AMK GRC and I cannot help but feel sad & angry for the people of AMK!! By putting Dr Koh, the PM is effectively saying, “Pok Koon, 我罩住你,我看还有谁能阻止你进入国会!” Loosely translated, it means “Pok Koon, I protect you, this time round no one can stop you from getting into the Parliament!!” If this type of action is not gangster like, then what is?! There are many problems shown by this peculiar PAP action.

1. AMK residents are “karung Guni” men?
Remember, the people have already chosen during the Punggol by-election and Dr Koh was REJECTED. Dr Koh’s credentials were TEN times better than WP’s Li Lian, but she still won!! Why then does the PM think that a candidate that was rejected by the people of Punggol will be accepted by the people of AMK? Does PM think that the people of AMK are “karung guni” men and they like to recycle REJECTS?!

I guess what the ah loong has failed to realise is SURGEONS are meant to save lives, not politicians. In many countries, if politicians do not wreck lives, that is already a blessing. Just look at our neighbour, and we will be thanking God for there is NO NAJIB in our government!! Do you know what is the biggest problem with these big-time surgeons or lawyers? They simply don’t have the time to serve the residents!! Please, they can’t even find the time to attend parliamentary sessions for God sake!! Thank you, but WE do not need any more part-time MPs in the Parliament!!

2. PAP candidates are GUTLESS!!
I know a lot of you will be saying, “Please tell me something that we don’t know!!” YES, all along we know the GRC is a political tool use to CONSOLIDATE their political power. Because of GRC, so many of us lost our “VIRGINITY” at the age of 40 or more!! WHY?? Because of so many walkovers all over Singapore, our fundamental right to vote was not exercised and we became “virgin” voters at age 40!! Statistics do not lie!! More than 40% of SINGAPOREANS said NO to PAP, yet it only translated to SEVEN pathetic seats in the Parliament!!

Once again, I digressed, let’s come back to Dr Koh. I personally do not know this man. Whether is he a nice guy or not, I do not know. However, the ‘SON OF PUNGGOL’ abandoning his roots to hide inside the PM’s GRC speaks volume about the character of this person. A true hero or at least a righteous person would have returned to take on Li Lian again. YES, he lost to a girl. There is absolutely no shame in that. BUT, to run away from challenging the girl again . . that is a COWARD!!

3. The PM does not understand “NO MEANS NO”
Sorry, ah Loong. You may have over-estimated your own appeal to voters! This has always been PAP’s underlying problem. They have always liked to “play GOD”. Previously, they said “TWO is ENOUGH” and in view of falling birthrates, they now say, “the more the merrier!!” You are trying to dictate people’s life!! If this is not playing God, what is?!

Let me tell you this, ah Loong, you are NO GOD. Man proposes, but God disposes. Your GRC is not without a burden. Dr Intan is your biggest liability!! Remember it was this clown who has supported Yang Yin all this while!! Yang Yin the infamous SOB who tried to steal $40 million from an old widow!! Absolutely despicable!! In fact, we have even seen a photo circulating around that shows PM taking a photo with Yang Yin!!

All these reflect very badly on the state of recruitment of PAP candidates. Why is the PAP so “hard-up” on some candidates? If people tell me NO, I will go and find other candidates that may be more suitable. WHY? Because I want to RESPECT the decision of my voters! I do not try to force it down anyone’s throat!! This may be harsh but by putting Dr Koh in AMK GRC, I feel that it is almost like a RAPE!! Why? Because PM is guarding Dr Koh and Dr Intan to make sure that these possible rejects go into the Parliament. That’s why I have always felt that GRC should be made ILLEGAL in Singapore!!

You think the situation is as not as bad as I think it is? No, of course not . . . it is WORSE!! We are not only talking about Dr Koh here. What about Desmond Choo? He too lost the SMC contest and now have to be hidden in a GRC. Same goes for Ong Ye Kung, the supposed “dai sai” (hokkien for bringing shitty luck) as he had the honour of losing PAP’s first GRC in his maiden election.

Over the years, support for Ah gong’s son has been waning. The fact that so many PAP MPs are stepping down right after ah gong’s death is no mere coincidence. Even someone as good as Mr Inderjit Singh is also stepping down!! I was quite afraid of Mdm Halimah stepping down too, luckily she is sticking around. With all the good men gone and ah loong surrounding himself with more YES-men, the support for his regime will continue to fall.

If this was any other country, the government would have pulled out all stops to try to win the support of the people back. NOT this PAP government!! Instead, they have chosen a more radical approach – get in as many new citizens as possible so that the votes of these disgruntled “native” Singaporeans will be diluted!! Tell me which other economy in the world create jobs for foreigners?! US? UK? Australia? China? First world countries’ first priority is always jobs for their own citizens!! This is the reason why PAP is so keen to push our population to 6.9 million!! Only new citizens will vote for them, not us!! This is the real reason why so many KTV hostesses, masseurs, etc who are Singapore PR are waiting to become Singapore citizens!!

Bottom line is PAP’s underlying assumption is VOTERS ARE STUPID. If they allow us to anyhow vote, Singapore will no longer be ruled by the PAP. So, in order to prevent any freak election, they must suka-suka change electoral boundaries, suka-suka implement cooling-off day, etc. I want to tell ah Loong, “WE NOT STUPID”, well at least not anymore. Who is good, who Is bad, we can absolutely tell!! When I was in the kindergarten, I was already exposed to the “lightning” logo. The propaganda is so successful that I actually loved the “lightning” party all this while. Only after finishing my studies in the NUS did I realise that “LIGHTNING KILLS”!! So, please vote in the opposition members so that we will no longer be “strike by lightning”. Let the PAP keep the SIX seats in Pasir Ris-Punggol. Let them taste what it is like to be on the opposition side of the government!! Maybe then, they will finally wake up their idea!!

Prof MC

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