Today at I12 Katong Mall, while my husband finished up his meal at BaliThai I was walking around the 2nd level trying to put Baby to sleep in her pram. I went in and out of BaliThai and while Hubby was paying the bill I browsed through some tshirts hanging at the racks of this shop called MegaFash. For a minute my hands were off the pram as I used both of my hands to check out a shirt, and from the corner of my eye I noticed a man walking near my pram but away from it first and then made a turn behind my back, walked towards my pram placed both his hands on the handle bar and casually walked away.

Immediately I screamed HEY!!. He was very startled and his first reaction was to tell me off for my apparent over reaction. He began behaving very aggressively accusing me of unnecessarily shouting at him and quickly brought his wife from the other side and told me why would he take my child when he has his own. There are more details to this incident which I will not state here – too long.

But dear friends who are parents, this dude is a buff Malay guy, wearing a white shirt and shorts. Very vulgar in language and aggressive in nature. His ‘wife’ looked foreign. I will make a police report on this incident because what happened was highly suspicious and the sequence of events and how it occured was just not very normal. Please be careful, Alhamdullilah nothing bad happened.

Still scarred and shocked that such a thing happened to us in Singapore. Not a safe place anymore it seems

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