Someone asked me what my considerations are to run.

I shared that in the things that I do, I believe in doing them well and with a sight for success.

It is also to work with a team that will allow us to see to it that change can happen.

In a team, I believe in teamwork, and where each member of the team carry their weight and tap on one another’s strengths, to be effective.

This would also mean that every member would need to have strong attributes, especially which can allow the voters to see them as trustworthy people who will fight for the people as well as to get things done.

It is also this that makes it a challenge. I have fought on my own for the large part of the past one year, with people who have supported me along the way. Who will join me?

I have a plan. And a plan needs a team.

Eventually people who have a heart for the people and who would fight for the people are who we need in Singapore.

If a team could form to challenge the top of the food chain, the food chain can be reconfigured.

A good team can do that.

Nonetheless, I am heartened that there are many good people among the several parties who will be running for election.

I do have high hopes for the Worker’s Party, the Singapore Democratic Party, the Singapore People’s Party and SingFirst winning some seats, and even allowing change to come to Singapore.

No matter what I do at this election, I will continue to work in the interests of opposition unity and speak up, to fight for a change that will allow the lives of Singaporeans will be protected.

We have a chance at change. There is hope.

I hope to be one of the Singaporeans who will celebrate for the parties once news of their wins are announced.

And will then see what other role I can play from there onwards.

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