Here is the thing I find strange. The PAP stands for rational policymaking, not populism. The national message is to put society above self not looking after your individual needs.

Yet their election tactics smacks of self interest: I will build you new walkways, I will make sure you have more buses (Chua Chu Kang MP), I will upgrade your lifts (and if you do not vote for the PAP we cannot guarantee this).

They implemented a town council system when the most effecient system (in terms of economies of scale) would be to have a nationwide system, in fact a town council entrenches inequalities (poorer precincts will have less funds, you can already see this in something as basic as disparities in National Day packs). And if you vote against them you will be punished or will “repent”.

How is that fostering an inclusive society, one where we seek to help all Singaporeans?

The Opposition can’t promise you many benefits, they do have a lot to improve on, they need to better learn how to manage a big precinct. They cannot offer you lift upgrading. They cannot offer you more buses. They cannot offer you anything to your own benefit. They are running despite huge obstacles (boundary changes that lead to suddenly disappearing wards – goodbye Cheng San, farewell Joo Chiat).

All they can offer you is a desire for a better society.

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