Will Singapore die if PAP loses support from Singaporeans in GE 2015?


When PAP loses power. Singapore wont die immediately, maybe after a few years. If people votes for Lousy Candidates from the Opposition without understanding, Singapore will soon die.

The only situation which Singapore will survive after PAP loses power, is that there are strong candidates from Opposition Party who are truly loyal to Singapore. Do you want an Opposition who only appears when elections are near? There is a joke saying that when you see an increased in activity from the Opposition Parties, you know GE is coming.

Do you want a MP who don’t answer in the Parliament and who cant even speak good English to represent Singapore? Do you think our lives are a joke?

It is not about whether you like PAP or not. It is about are there enough quality candidates from the Opposition party who can rise to the occasion? Sad to say, None from what I see.

Initially, I still had hopes that WP could put up a fight but they had shown through AHPETC that they are worse off than their dreams of 1st World Politics and had gone into 3rd World Politics.

At least PAP dares to fire personnel and changes the regulations for the betterment of the country. WP supporters just happily claiming political agenda as reason.

And they knew it was WP own audit who sound the siren. The debts are too deep to cover. I only vote for Party who may not be perfect but at least have sound institutions in place and leaders with sound political will.

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