I feel strongly that I must made a stand for the policy of foreign talents in Singapore. I have started my IT business in 1998, back then whenever I advertised for new employees, I got lot of responses from local diploma and degrees holders. As the year goes by the number of respondents from local graduates twinkle. It was 50% local and 50% foreigner.

Recently, I am getting 99.9% foreigner and 0.1% local responding to my advertisement. For the last 4 years, employing foreigners also become harder because of 2011 election and the voices of the irresponsible oppositions that foreign talents have taken over jobs from Singaporean.

Dear oppositions and fellow Singaporean, when you make the accusation that foreign talents have taken over Singaporean jobs please reconsider. It is the true or it is Singaporean are becoming more choosy?

I was at the Marina Barrage on National Day, many foreigners were out there celebrating with us. I have met a group of PRC next to us singing happy birthday Singapore. I met people from India, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia all enjoying and rejoicing with me and fellow Singaporean.

So what if there are 6.9 million people in Singapore we should be proud and thrive to embrace the growth. Are our forefathers not once a foreign talent to this land we now proudly called Singapore?

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