Would the Amos Yee Saga have an influence on our Singaporeans’ voting choices?

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Profile: 57 Years Old, Female, Chinese, Retired, Atheist

Regards to public response towards Amos Yee

“The use of his words, his behavior, his audacity is something Singaporeans are not used too and they somehow feel offended by it, which I don’t understand but; it’s not something that they have seen before and that’s something they don’t understand, maybe they fear.”

On the openness of Singaporeans

“I don’t think is just the older generation. The younger people are reacting, and some of them themselves are very offensive to Amos Yee so I don’t think is a generation thing.”

How the authorities should have handled the matter

“They should have just ignored or give him a warning. It would have all died down and it wouldn’t have all these hoo haa.”

When asked if people might start to follow in Amos Yee footsteps

“What will happen? What do you think? They will overthrow the government? I don’t think so.”

Amos Yee charges

“I don’t think the issue is to do with religion in the first place. [So you see it as the political side?] And yes, the timing also you know? One week after LKY’s death. [So you see more it as a political move?] Oh definitely. And I think they are using him as an example of – there’s a line that Singapore should not cross.”

If she felt the Saga would impact the upcoming GE 2015

“Definitely. PAP has lost my vote. Permanently. Forever. Actually before this, I had voted PAP but not the last election. [Was there any reason?] The same reason as now, but now, I’m even more sure. Now I just see them as being really evil, cruel, and they should not do this to their own people. And the government should take care of their own citizens and not instill fear and intimidate, and personally I don’t like bullies.”

Whether she sees’s Singapore as a democratic country?

“(Chuckles) I mean, I don’t understand the question, I mean if you want to talk about elections and vote – each one has a vote, that is democratic but I don’t understand democracy anymore. I don’t know what it means. All I know is that I want people to treat each other right, take care of each other. Do not bully or intimidate and be cruel, especially to your own people, to each other, that’s all.”

If she agrees with western perspectives that deems Singapore as an authoritarian state

“Yes, definitely. [What is one change you would like to see in Singapore?] I would like to see this not happen, and that people be given a voice to recognize we have a right to question, and that nothing and nobody is above criticism – full stop.”

The way the government handled the matter, are they going to gain or lose more supporters?

It can really go either ways as some rallied the government’s decisions, while some felt Amos treatment was too disproportionate. Only time will tell. Vote wisely.

Are we going to let one incident waver our vote? Are we going to let one incident change our vote? The next 4 years is going to be a very long one if we do not vote wisely.

Do we want to place stability over change? Or do we want to place change over stability?

The ball is in our hands. It’s time to head into the playing field, the score will be out in a due. Let’s weigh our outcomes wisely and vote for what we think will do us well for the next 4 years

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