Dear Editor,

I would like to relate the sentiments of “Macphersonians”, having served and retired in this ward since the time of Encik Othman Eusofe to the useless Matthias Yao and the current embattled Tin Tin and her adventures with Rosemary.

I rejoiced initially when I heard WP is coming to contest here and Marine Parade GRC but this joy slowly turned to disappointment, yet again as my grassroot friends who are still serving in MacPherson were told to heave a sign of relief as WP only takes Marine Parade seriously and is plucking an unpopular feather weight candidate from the defunct Moulmein-Kallang as a token contest in MacPherson!

I wonder if anyone really cares about the welfare of MacPherson as we merely seem to be a pawn in the ball game of the bigger boys, be it the PAP, WP or even Nicole Seah Party. The latter pledged to still care for MacPherson with her crocodile tears and even made several empty promises which she never fulfilled before achieving her set out target for fame and glamour.

Tin Tin on the other hand, was sent here to tame GCT and gang into submission to LHL’s lieutenants as they understand the ground data well that her presence will not affect MacPherson (as many elderly are ignorant of social media) but a deliberate intent to pull down votes from the more affluent Serangoon, Geylang Serai and Kembangan-Chai Chee.

So now that after all targets are fulfilled, we are once again kicked out and left on our own when GCT threw a ruckus about his “legacy” in Joo Chiat Marine Parade being in tenterhooks should the WP choose to run in his constituency.

Now residents of both wards should carefully judge and put pressure on both parties if they are genuinely here for our long term interest or another round of tactical move on their political chessboard. If so, then I think we should look beyond a 2 party system as it is no longer working for the good of this country.

N. Ultraman
A.S.S. Contributor

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