Just last week, 20 year-old Regina Kam (pictured above) made the news when she posted a defiant message on Facebook lashing out against the wife of her boyfriend, Henry Wong Yeng Keong. In her Facebook posting, she openly declared herself to be the mistress of Henry, also known as Ah Keong, and claimed that she had made a police report against Henry’s wife for confronting her at Regina’s home.

The story has since become an internet sensation. Even Chinese dailies have gone down to feature a story on the defiant mistress, who told reporters that she was willing to remain as Henry’s mistress and did not require him to divorce his wife.

“She [Regina] has never asked me to divorce my wife, she just needs me to accompany her, so I will not leave her,” Henry told reporters in Mandarin, who interviewed him at Regina’s home. “I do not want to affect my children as they are having exams now. I promised I would accompany them. I can’t say for certain whether I will eventually get a divorce.”

According to Regina, the pair met this year in February and began the affair shortly after. She said: “We were both wayward youth, and had many common topics to talk about, so we decided to be together.”

Shockingly, it was also discovered that Regina herself is married and with children. Her husband, a 55 year-old man only known as Mr Xu, had said that he is still willing to forgive his wife if she decides to come back home to him. However, she has since rebuffed his attempts to get her to return home and also posted on Facebook that she intends to leave her husband and children.

In response, Mr Xu says that he would lodge a police report and sue his wife for adultery.

“You can call me heartless,” says Regina. “I will still visit them [her husband and daughter] from time to time.”

Not surprisingly, netizens had harsh comments for Regina, many of which were posted on Regina’s public Facebook wall.

“Let me tell you lah. Keong may be under your control now to say whatever you want. Everyone will think you two as laughingstock. Let people think Singapore si bei boh standards on xiao san. You xia suay Singapore and xia suay on all xiao san,” wrote one netizen, Jamie Ng. “If Keong admit to this useless relationship, all I can say he is under her barang. And what she gain in return, not true love. Cos she will never have love in this lifetime.”

“I dare say she homewrecker. Someone sue her till she go jail n then no ah keong alr,” wrote another netizen Kimberly Karla.

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