A Mediacorp Commissioned Survey By Blackstone Which Even A White PAP Will Laugh Off As Black Humour. Singaporeans were shocked and humoured as I was by CNA’s 2 newscasters peddling A recent survey commissioned by Mediacorp on Singapore Government Policies by a Blackstone outsourced group.

Why? It was like asking primary 6 students to mark their own psle results and give themselves all A* and distinctions.

Seriously even the sleeping PAP backbencher in parliament might treat it as a shock or black humour as he himself might not believe it.

The survey supposedly done on all ethnic groups,ages and walks of lives over a sample of 2000 people before NDP 2015 astonishingly provides all survey super satisfied with pap government policies and feeling great.All above 90 and 80 %


Please ask yourselves is the survey true? IS THIS WHAT YOU FEEL TOO?

All I can say is hope PM LHL and PAP goes to new election enviroment with the mediacorp provided hallucination that people are just loving all their policies and be in for a real shock.

We thought only nextdoor PM Najib was in hallucination that millions of UMNO pple still supported him despite all his 1MDB CORRUPTION Fiasco. MEDIACORP TOO.

GOOD luck Government TQ mediacorp. What say Singaporeans? I AM WRONG?

A.S.S. Contributor

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