Despite the almost daily deluge of complaints about Singapore on social media – 74 per cent of a sample of voters surveyed recently say that they are satisfied with their life in Singapore.

This was one of the findings of a wide-ranging, face-to-face survey of 2,000 voters commissioned by MediaCorp and conducted by Blackbox Research between Jul 11 and Aug 6. The survey sample is representative of the national voting population across key demographics such as gender, age, ethnicity and housing. The study has a margin of error of less than 2.5 per cent, said Blackbox Research, a 14-year-old company which has done numerous studies for commercial clients and regional governments, including Singapore’s.

The survey designed to give a snapshot of sentiment on a variety of issues, from education to healthcare to public transport, in the weeks leading up to Singapore’s Golden Jubilee National Day.

Asked about the Government’s performance since the 2011 General Election – 64 per cent said it was “good” or “very good”, 23 per cent felt it was “okay” and 10 per cent said it was “not so good or poor”.

Survey respondents were also asked to gauge performance over the past four years in some 20 areas.

The top three areas – where more than 90 per cent of the 2,000 voters interviewed felt the Government had done a good, very good or excellent job – were defence, crime prevention and education.

At the other end of the spectrum, the three areas where respondents felt the Government could have done more were – managing the inflow of foreigners, housing affordability and the cost of living.

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