With more army and police unformed personnel joining politics and ultimately the cabinet, one wonders if they will salute to one other during cabinet meeting.

Besides, North Korea and maybe Myarmar junta, we are probably the next country with the highest number of ex-military and now police personnel running the country.
Even the US with well over a thousand generals only fielded Colin Power as Secretary of State many years ago.

We all know how submissive uniformed personnel are to orders and few ever utter a word of dissent if the order comes from the very top – they just execute the command. Group-think will definitely be a problem if our cabinet is staffed with generals and commissioner.

Questioning authority is a no-no in the military as it is envisaged that the blind compliant to order during war-time will save lives and ensure that things go smoothly as planned.
Its already engrained in them for many decades and to revise that is going to be a huge problem.

I remembered questioning a Captain during my reservist training and was given the rap and after that I simply blindly follow any order that is passed down – however stupid and unreasonable it is.

Singapore need more top people from the private sector with extensive business experience to run the ship – not cocooned generals and police commissioner who can’t take no for an answer.

Ex-army general like Tan Chuan Jin and Chan Chun Sing also kept saying the wrong things recently pissing off alot of people.

I fear that Singapore will go downhill if half of the cabinet is staffed with uniformed personnel – who don’t really know what the outside world is like.

Gilbert Goh

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