Complainant Joelle Goh said that when she bought an Egg White, Roasted Pepper, Mushroom & Cheddar wrap from the Starbucs 100 AM outlet in Tanjong Pagar, she found a dead cockroach (whole) stuck onto one of the mushroom slices. A Starbucks employee apologised for the incident and explained that the food was prepared by a Starbucks supplier.

After Starbucks Quality Assurance team conducted a site audit at their supplier’s facility, they confirmed that the food preparation process met local regulations and guidelines.

In addition, Starbucks pulled the remaining wraps with the same production date from its shelves islandwide. They also refuted the customer’s claims as independent tests confirmed the “insect strands” were fibres of an unharmful plant nature.

Starbucks have reached out directly to the customer to apologise and explain the situation.

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