As the Gate of Hell opened last night, scores of Singaporean began the age old tradition of burning incense and money to the deceased. But did you know, for the brave, desperate and foolhardy, this is also the time to strike it rich and make some serious cash.

Rumour has it that selling salt in a cemetery is one of the easiest ways to earn fast money. Wanting to preserve their decomposing bodies/states, spirits roaming the Earth need salt, lots of it to maintain their presence. And when there’s a demand, supplying this demand would make one loads of money.

First, any prospective salt seller has to pack his salt into multiple packets such that his supply will never run out for the night. After that, just before dusk, make his/her way to a suitable spot in the cemetery and sit down comfortably while bowing your heads. Then comes the waiting game, the salt seller has to be patient and follow the rules of this trade.

It is rumoured that the two important rules are: 1) Never look up at all times during his stint in the cemetery 2) Never fall asleep or leave the selected spot until the day breaks. If one violates any of these rules, your life would be in grave danger.

If one is able to resist the urge to peep at the “customers”, the buyers would put the money onto the seller’s hands after taking the salt. When the morning finally arrives, quickly pack up and leave with your stack of money. According to those who tried it before, these are not hell bank notes but cold hard legal tender.

Are you brave enough to try this out this 7th Month?

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