Many would find it strange and uncomfortable hearing or reading this, Prime Minister Low Thia Khiang or Prime Minister Sylvia Lim. There seems to be something missing, not the right mold, doesn’t sound right. Singaporeans have been so use to a PM from the PAP that anyone from anywhere would not be comfortable. PM Chee Soon Juan, PM Tan Jee Say anyone?

There is fear of a big change for the worst. The question is whether Singapore has reached a point that we are already at the worst. Many would not agree when we are celebrating SG50 with plomp and plenty. Look ahead, with the population size and growing, with so many foreigners that would change our identity and demography, our way of life, with so many of our locals being sidelined from the main stream of activities, discriminated by foreigners in job opportunities, with the high cost of living and housing, with your CPF being turned into another form of taxation, with university places going to foreigners instead of Singaporeans, top jobs going to foreigners with funny degrees from funny universities despite our top students graduating from the best universities in the West, what is the future for Singaporeans? No problem, the foreigners will be Singaporeans overnight by issuing them pink ICs!

Today we are starting to hear the Govt acknowledging that the population is too big to handle, but still many are talking of 10m and more. And knowing that there is no other formula for growth except population growth, you are not too far wrong to expect the population to keep increasing at an intolerable rate after the GE. We are also hearing the lost of a Singapore identity and Singaporean core? Did these things happen yesterday? Who caused them? Nobody knows, I bet you, nobody knows how and when did they happened, just like nobody knows that we are marching towards the cliff. Everyone will swear they did not know.

Can a new party in power with a new PM be worse than the direction we are going? At least there is hope in a new party and a new PM to change course, knowing that the cliff is just ahead. And why should a PM Low Thia Khiang or PM Sylvia Lim or PM Chee Soon Juan, or PM Tan Jee Say be a problem? They will inherit a system with some of the best men we have in the govt service, in all the services. These bright men and women will still be there to serve the new govt and PM. What is needed is a new direction with new emphasis on Singapore and the well beings of Singaporeans.

With a new govt and a new PM, the script will be rewritten. The population growth with be halted, the number of foreigners in high places will be monitored and reduced, Singaporeans will be favoured and in charge, not discriminated brazenly. The new govt will run the country for Singaporeans. And the formula, instead of going all around the world to hunt for foreigners when a problem pops up, the new govt will rely on our own top talents to deal with the problems. The new PMs will get the best men and women to assist him in the execution of his pro Singaporean policies.

Is this different from what the present govt is doing? Got problem, set up a committee, pay for expertise. Go to the whole world to find the experts to solve our problems. Our million dollar employees only need to manage and know how to find foreigner talents to solve their problems. The new PM can do the same, but with the heart in the right place, to think Singaporean first. We are Singaporeans, we are good enough to solve our own problems, especially problems that we created for ourselves.

What is the point of having so many top talents from the best universities of the world for? To collect money and not to solve problem, cannot solve problems and needing foreigners paid a fraction of their pay to solve problems for them? I believe we have the best talents to look after our own problems, to solve our own problems like we used to do to build this great city and home before it is turn into another 3rd World slum, run down by 3rd World talents and 3rd World mentality. Lee Kuan Yew said we must have the confidence to look after ourselves, not everyday looking for foreigners to help us solve our problems.

Singaporeans better get used to PM Low Thia Khiang or Sylvia Lim, or Chee Soon Juan or Tan Jee Say and look forward to a better future for themselves and their children. The people in the eastern part of the island have seen the light and know what they want and are voting for their future in a new hope. Going forward is a treacherous affair if things are not going to change for the good of Singaporeans but for the good of foreigners.

Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean

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