I love the article written by Russell because it really demonstrates everything wrong with our country.

“Equality is making everyone stoop down to the lowest common denominator of society – everyone does the same thing and all are given equal probabilities. Equity entails everyone doing what their abilities allow them to do, and everyone being given equal opportunities to succeed; only the most outstanding grab those opportunities.”

I like that when you talk about equity you have to talk about its worst possible version. I think the Singaporean definition of equality is equal opportunity for all. That however just isn’t true and yes the current system works very well…..FOR YOU. You are Chinese,male, straight(I am guessing) and from a well to do family you are privileged is every sense of the word an I suggest you keep your privilege in check.

It is unfortunate that the concept of privilege isn’t a concept taught in secondary school social studies. No one is attacking you because you are privileged but understand that it isn’t easy and quite frankly near impossible for someone born into poverty in Singapore to break out of that cycle.

If you are from a poor family staying in school isn’t easy. Especially when you have to consider working to support your family and siblings. To add insult to injury our education system is drunk of a tuition intensive culture. Without tuition it is extremely difficult to score well. Such a heavy dependence on tuition is indicative of the failure of our education system.

The current system favors people like you the ones with enough money to not give a shit. But try to understand that in Singapore there are people who starve and there are people who just don’t have the money to afford tuition and having such an uneven playing field prevents them from breaking out of poverty. If they cannot break out of poverty Themselves eventually the blame will be pushed to the privileged class. While I would love to see class warfare I think it’s better for our nation of we prevent that and uphold the equality part of our pledge

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