The photograph above has spread like wildfire among Singaporean netizens since someone uploaded it on 6th December. Netizens who saw this photo reacted with horror to the possibility that BreadTalk products sold to customers here may have been contaminated by rodents.

Fortunately, this incident did not take place in Singapore – the photo was taken at the Changshou Road Metro station outlet in Putuo District, Shanghai, China.

Unfortunately for the chain, this photo comes shortly after BreadTalk was taken to task by netizens for passing off Yeo’s soya bean drinks as “Freshly Made” soya bean milk.

The netizen who posted the photo claimed that the service crew at the branch apparently did not know that the rat was eating away at the bread until a big group of customers suddenly started crowding around the display.

According to a PRC BreadTalk spokesperson, all stock on sale for that day was destroyed and the premises was disinfected. A pest control team was also brought in for an inspection.

The spokesperson also said that BreadTalk is in talks with the shop’s property management company about preventing another similar incident from ever happening again.

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