On Friday (14 August 2015), the PAP officially announced its candidates for Sembawang GRC. It comprises of Khaw Boon Wan, Vikram Nair, Lim Wee Kiak as well as two new faces Amrin Amin and Ong Ye Kung.

The two new candidates will replace veteran PAP MP Hawazi Daipi and current STTA president Ellen Lee, who will not be retiring from politics.

Mr Hawazi will retire from politics after 19 years as a Sembawang GRC MP. Ms Ellen Lee has been an MP with Sembawang GRC since 2006.

With these changes, it leaves Dr Khaw and Mr Nair as the only members of the PAP team which contested Sembawang GRC during GE2011. In the previous elections, the PAP won 63.9% of the vote against a SDP comprising of candidates James Gomez, Jarrod Luo Jie, Mohd Isa, V Sadasivam and John Tan.

In view of Opposition Unity, the SDP has pulled out of Sembawang GRC and would make way for the NSP to avoid a three cornered fight.

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