Minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s office Chan Chun Sing, who heads the National Trade Unions Congress (NTUC), told constituents at a Tanjong Pagar GRC National Day dinner that Singapore “must never forget its socialist heart, that we will always do more for those with less.”

This will be the first National Day dinner for the constituency without Mr Lee, its first and long time MP.

Mr Chan paid tribute to Mr Lee’s frguality, socialist ideals and emphasis on unity among Singaporeans.

“We have achieved all these miracles because the Government and people have worked together as one united people,” he said. “As long as we maintain that tight nexus between the Government and the people, I am confident that we can overcome whatever challenges that come our way.”

Ending off the speech with a campaign promise, Mr Chan declared that he would take care of the constituency, along with the rest of his team.

Besides Mr Chan, Senior Minister of State Indranee Rajah, back-benchers Chia Shi-Lu and Lily Neo – who are all Tanjong Pagar GRC MPs – as well as Minister of State and Radin Mas MP Sam Tan were also at the dinner. Also at the event was Ms Joan Pereira, a likely candidate for the GRC.

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