A track fault along the north-south line near Bishan Station caused a spate of delays for commuters heading northwards towards Ang Mo Kio and Jurong East.

The fault took place during evening rush hour today, leading to long queues and frustrated commuters, again.

In a tweet at about 6.30pm, operator SMRT told commuters to expect an additional 10 minutes of travelling time from Marina Bay to Ang Mo Kio.

It raised the estimated additional travelling time to 15 minutes at about 7pm. Trains began running normally again at around 8.10pm.

Some commuters voiced their unhappiness over the peak hour delay on Twitter, saying the trains they were in were not moving at all.

The North-South Line was also hit by a delay in the morning, as a separate track fault added an additional 10 minutes to the train ride between Ang Mo Kio and Yishun stations.

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