Ever since Lui Tuck Yew announced his decision to step down from Cabinet this General Elections, much has been said about his efforts and understanding of the Singapore transportation system. Now, some Singaporeans have created a petition calling for Lui Tuck Yew to not leave his job unfinished and to finish what he started out to do like a good seaman. Sadly, the petition has not gained much support and as of 13 August only had 13 supporters for this cause.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, you can sign up at the link below.

This is the petition plea in full:

“Dear Minister Lui,

Trains breakdowns continue to plague and disrupt commuters’ lives with the latest occurring after the Jubilee weekend at the NEL on the 11th.

As SMOS Jo Teo mentioned, no one understand the transport system and issues better than you. Even Opposition leaders Mr Low and Mr Chen acknowledge the valuable contributions you made.

Resignation doesn’t solve the problem. Singaporeans need Minister Lui stay on to complete the mission, not for him to go down as the first quitter minister in our glorious 50 years history when the going get tough.

You said GE allowed step back from politics without causing any major disruption, but disruptions to commuters’ lives will still continue.

During your introduction in 2006, you commented on the RSS Courageous incident “that the organisation, the individual that succeeds is not the one who holds back fearing failure, or the one that never fails. It’s the one that pushes on, perseveres and overcomes the failures. And I know that for me, for many of us, through adversity we have grown stronger.”

As public transport commuters, we beseech Minister Lui to see things to the end and resolve the transport infrastructure crisis like a good seaman.

Do it for Mr Lee Kuan Yew, if not for us whiny ignoramus.
Save this beautiful country before it fall apart.

An Ungrateful Commuter.

#SG50, #Merdeka, #LKY92″

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