This is no kidding matter. Singaporeans are getting mugged like kiddos whenever they travel abroad. *shakes head* I blame this on the excessive pampering that living in the safety net of SG have created.

The number one problem is a total lack of awareness. This general complacency that Singaporeans bring along with them when traveling abroad. When I’m outside, im permanently in fight mode. I can’t remember the last time I got surprised attack because it probably never happened.

Second major problem. Singaporeans aren’t even prepared for fights when they step out of their house. No weapons… No proper footwear and worst of all… Didn’t even bother stretching before leaving their doorstep. worse thing that can happen to you when you are just about to fight is to have your muscles cramping up on you… Or slipping over a wet tile.

Come on guys!? It is for your own good. Next time before you leave house, ask yourself “Am I fight ready?” Could save your life.

I give you guys an example.

I’m here walking past One Raffles Place outside the Soo Kee IPO booth. I’ve already mentally scanned the area and noted individuals of threat . For example, this dodgey looking man standing with a stack of survey forms scanning the crowd.

What if under those stack of survey forms he had a knife? I’m already mentally prepared of what I will do should he suddenly stretch his hand out towards me. I have my right hand in my pocket tightly grasping my mont blonk pen. I’m already planning my moves. Left hand will deflect his sword arm, right hand will slide under his view and jab the Mont Blanc pen into his left nostril..

A.S.S. Reader

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