What started out as a pleasant MRT ride soon turned into a nightmare for one poor reader, Ms Lim, who encountered a group of obnoxious Filipinos.

According to Ms Lim, when the foreigners barged into the cabin, they squeezed rudely into the limited seats next to her. When the limited seats could not fit all of them, one Filipino woman simply sat on our poor reader and gestured rudely with two flicks of her hand asking our reader to “go away”.

Enraged but with no one stepping forward to help her, Ms Lim had no choice but to move off from her seat. She did not want to cause a scene and be accused of overreacting.

Thankfully, she took a photo of the foreigners and uploaded it on Facebook.

Little did she expect that the issue would resonate so deeply with her friends, one of whom approached A.S.S. to put up this story to shame this group of foreigners and to warn Singaporeans about the rude behavior of some of these black sheep.

After publishing the story online, some netizens have expressed their outrage towards the rude foreigners for bullying Ms Lim.

One netizen wrote, “Ridiculous!!! Does she even need the seat?? U shld have shouted at her “what you doing?!!!” Or shout “molest!!!” and make her super embarassed!”

Another wrote, “It’s not even about nationality. It’s just bad manners!”

“You should have pushed her away, flip back your fingers at her. What kind of nonsense is that?” wrote another netizen.

“You shouldn’t have given up your seat. They look neither elderly nor disabled.”

What do you think? Are Singaporeans becoming more and more marginalized in their own country?

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