To Whom It May Concern,

I have made a mistake of commenting on an article that a lady called Cherry Pie had published on the 11th August at 9:02am. The article name is Foreign Workers Lack of Civic-Maindedness Towards Children & Elderly S’poreans on MRT.

I need to remove my comments on that article and also if you can remove all my bosses business information from the article posted 12th August at 10:15pm named Ang Moh Foreign Talent Blasts S’porean For Complaining About MRT Reserved Seat, as they are now getting threats from left right and centre over my mistake.

I do take full responsibility for what I said and did, it was stupid of me to take my frustration out on the lady mentioned above. I do apologize for everything, I did not mean for it to get blow out of proportion like it has as I truly didn’t mean it about Singapore only towards the ladies artile.

I am worried for my bosses lives over this as the information posted bout their companies on the article has all their personal emails and phone numbers, work addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, etc., and I do not want them to pay for my mistake.

Your help will be much appreciated as I do not want people to suffer for what I said and I do not want to hurt anymore peoples feelings with my stupid remarks.

Your Sincerely,
Sara Angela Moore

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