Dear Editors,

Recently I saw the news about the big fire that kill 2 and injured 6 people at yio chu kang and the fire were cause by electricity overloading and overheated. I was so concerned that i check all my electrical appliance and found out that some of the adaptor i had do not have safety mark logo.

I recently also bought a eScooter from online shop call PASSION GADGETS and the adaptor also didnt come with the safety mark logo. I get back to PASSION GADGETS and the company say that they forget to stick the safety mark logo to the adaptor.

Didnt the adaptor need to be check before the safety mark logo are paste by the vendor. I did a bit of research and found out that adaptor are the most of the causes in house fire because of overheating of adaptor.

Shouldn’t be all the adaptor be safe to use and was did a proper safety check with the safety mark logo before it is sold to consumer? I dont want myself to regret that something bad happen to my house and i want other people to know this before they buy their electrical products in future.

A.S.S. Contributor

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