Dear Ms Lim,

I refer to the Subject which was obtained through my daughter’s St Andrew’s Autism School.

I regret to inform you that the Acer PC which arrived on 29 Jun 15 through the scheme, has since broken down as the hard disc malfunctioned. This is particularly disappointing as the special needs children, apart from single unwed mothers are the most ostracised among the Singaporean lot and given the lowest priority along with the budgeting.

On the reverse, Emploment Pass Holders, PRs and New Citizens who can’t even speak proper English or Malay are given top tier treatment. It appears to me that these favoured of the pap government, are destined to replace and displace the Singaporean core like us in accordance with the words of SMOS Amy Khor!

I hope you can comprehend that no one in the right sense of mind will want to bear autistic children or be born that way. Its quite different from homosexality which is a lifestyle choice and not a gene mutation.

Hence I hope you can look into these issues even as the PM claimed that citizens are already communicating directly to the civil service who have been ‘proactively’ solving problems.

Yours faithfully,
Ms SH Chow

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