Dear Editors,

I’m not proud to share or let others know of my experiences but I feel I have the duty to warn others about the insidious and the danger of engaging local social escort services.

I was bored and decided to check out the social escort website. I saw the picture of the girl I like and decided to engage their services and call for a girl. The first thing I did was filling up my personal information like Full Name, Address, Email, Handphone Number.

I paid by credit card and was told by a lady on the other line to go to the certain hotel room and wait. I paid for the hotel room and went to the room to wait. Never did I realized the action of giving up my information will caused me such trouble and distress later on.

The girl came and I was shocked, the picture is a Chinese but the girl was a Filipino. Well, even if it’s misrepresentation, it’s too late for me to regret because I have paid for the hotel room. I thought that was about it and the bad service ends that day but I was wrong.

A few weeks later, I received a email stating that the writer knows I have a wife and children. He have evidence that I engaged a prostitute few weeks earlier and threatened to expose my misdeed to my wife unless I pay $5000 for their discreet services. I was angry and went to the social escort company.

After I several rounds of angry confrontation then they finally admit that they had sold my personal data to a data dealer. They had no way of tracing who had my information and they can do nothing to help me. Right now, I can’t do very much as the email source cannot be traced. I love my wife and children very much and do not want to lose them over my minor occasional mistakes. I will pay the person but I do not know whether my misfortune will end after I make the payment or they will continue to ask for money.

I share my story to warn others of letting social escort companies having your personal information. Trust me, you do not want the fear, stress and anxiety I’m experiencing now.

A.S.S. Contributor

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