Dear ASS,

Lui Tuck Yew may be incompetent, he may be a fumbling fool who lacks social skills but at least he proves that he has more balls than so many other Ministers and MPs before him. He has the guts to take the fall on the sword for our public transportation failures. Understandably, some feel it is not his fault but there are stupid daft Singaporeans out here who insist Lui Tuck Yew shouldn't have 'retired' and should stay on as Minister.

Here's a little peek at what these dumb Sinkies have to say:

"I am sad that he's stepping down and very angry with all those keyboard warriors"

"Rather sad that Mr LTY is stepping down. As the Chinese says, Riches will not last beyond 3 generations. How can transport last all the way as well? As compared to others, we r already consider fortunate. We shouldn't put blame on him. Maybe in life, we moving too fast and it's a way to ask us to slow down and appreciate the things in life slowly."

"Singapore can ill afford to lose another good minister due to the imbeciles who just mindlessly hate. It's uncharted waters we're navigating in now and we need all men (the good ones) on deck."

"Another good man down. And NO thanks to all the accusations, rude remarks online and lies that are spun to weaken the cabinet that MM Lee built. This is SO wrong."

To these dumb 60.1% are you fucking kidding? This man is paid millions of dollars in his 4 years as Transport Minister. He is extremely well paid compared to an average Singaporean. He is paid to do his job well, he is not paid huge sums of money to only TRY to do his job. It was his only job and he failed to crack the whip and whip our transport system back to shape. In short, he has failed.

The government always pride ourselves as being run like a corporation so in typical corporate style, whenever KPIs are unmet, heads will roll and this is the first time the Minister has voluntarily left his post. This is a start and I hope not the last Minister to do so. So what if they are smart people, so what if they are intelligent, if they cannot solve Singaporeans problems, they are useless to us. Time to change to the next candidate and fix our problems.

Remember, Ministers are our Servants, the citizens are the boss. To those stupid 60.1% who still cry out for Lui Tuck Yew to stay, please grow some brains and accept the need for accountability and transparency in Singapore. When people make mistakes, they must go! No questions asked. This is democracy. We cannot give people a free pass just because they are tried their best and put in utmost effort.

Please WAKE UP and stop boot licking our elites. Stop destroying our country with your gutless spineless attitude. Stand up and be the bosses of your own destiny. 

Tony Chua

A.S.S. Contributor

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