Lets do a quick recap for LTY

1) He had almost 5 years, drawing a total salary package of at least 2mil to 2.5mil, depending which grade of minister he is at (MR1-MR4). So he probably have earned 10million over the years in salary.

2) Did he screw it up ? Yes and No.

Lets go to the No part. Truly, he inherited a pile of s hit from the previous Transport Minister and the SMRT Queen. The fact is also true that his bosses have a 6.9mil white paper policy which doesnt sit very well with the overall current infrastructure………

Lets go to the Yes part, he should have really whip SMRT CEO hard and really very hard for all the crap coming out from them(him). I mean, which Transport Minister will still be doing nothing to the one running the biggest train network in sg with all the failures and accepting it when Desmond Quek say he gets a B. Seriously, i think more like a C- or maybe a D.

3) The last “stunt” from Desmond Quek, which ALL the NSEW lines are down, is probably the last nail into the coffin. The impact is so big that PAP is very sure that this will be also the nail that the opposition will take it out and nail them in the upcoming election.

Transport matters, fresh on everyone’s mind will be the one big fat dartboard hanging on PAP’s back. Someone have to do the “harikiri” to get this dartboard off the back.

A.S.S. Reader

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