To be fair to Lui Tuck Yew, at the very least, he has integrity to admit that all are not well with MRT. Unlike the General at SMRT who keeps claiming that all are well, Lui at least feels guilty conscience about the all the whole mess.

However, a good Admiral should fight to the last bullet and sink with the ship, instead of running away. Change ship or ammo if you must, but you gotta fight till the last breathe.
If Lui, a scholar and top talent of PAP cannot solve the SMRT mess, who else in PAP will be up to this task?

The key problem of this MRT Mess is the appointment of the wrong person without the experience and expertise to run SMRT. Its CRONYISM that made a whole mess out of our MRT system.

It started off by the appointment of Saw who brought her whole ging gang into SMRT. These people have ZERO experience in running the rail system. Screw up the maintenance system just for profiteering.

Now we have this bunch of generals kaki who just know how to increase their own salaries and try to justify the good performance of the rail system with ridiculous claims which nobody believe!

In fact Lui has more integrity than these bunch of generals in SMRT to admit that all are not well! If Lui has to go, then the SMRT CEO and his bunch of cronies should be sacked as well!

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