Dear ASS,

Sara Moore, Internal Sales Manager at Reliant Global Supplies Pte Ltd, a foreigner felt it was befitting to berate a local Singaporean woman and her 6 year old child regarding their unfortunate train experience.

Sara’s malicious tirade was laced with expletives(“b*tch”, “f*cking trains”), referring to local Singaporean families as “sh*t families” and insulting name calling (“racist cow”).

Are these the type of uncouth ‘talents’ that Ministry of Manpower approve of and MNC’s such as Reliant attract and hire?

Sara Moore: “why didn’t you stand to let the old man sit? ever think that the Philipino maid works her ass off 6 days a week for shit money and shit families and this might be the only time she gets to sit and enjoy time to herself she is human after all maybe she needed to sit down.

now some bitch needs to complain on the internet cause she doesn’t have the guts enough to use her voice at the time in public. sorry but get over yourselves you won’t be bothered to do the jobs the these foreigners do for the pay they get because you think it is beneath you.

If you are so mad about foreingers [sic], teach your boy that he needs to learn how to work in the toilets, construction and all other very hard working jobs that these people do so scum like you can enjoy life. who do you think made the fucking seats and the train and the house that you live in?? huh???

think before your type your pointless crap online you racist cow totally make yourself look like an idiot. so i ask again why did you not stand up or even say something if it pissed you off so much or is it only foreigners must stand and give up their seats to singaporeans [sic]???”

Singaporeans may raise your concerns about Sara Moore to Reliant Global Supplies.

Kueh Lupis
Concerned True-Blue Singaporean

#AngMohVeryKayPohandRude #MindYourOwnBusiness #WhoIsTheRacistCow

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