I was quite surprised when the police recently issued me a official mail to drop by Bedok Police Station to assist on the Filipino independence day celebration case again.

It must be at least 18 months since the Filipinos dropped the plan to celebrate their independence day in downtown Orchard after ferocious resistance by true-blue Singaporeans to defend their sovereignty rights.

Its one thing to celebrate another country’s national day in a secluded park or embassy ground away from the public eye but to do it at our national shopping icon – Orchard road is another matter which pricks the national pride of Singaporeans.

I was first interrogated by the police in February on a poster related to the Filipino independence day which was probably reported to the police by the public and to hear from them six months later is quite a revelation – and its so close to a looming general election too!

There was also this sinister imposter who used my name and photo to generate another damaging poster which many thought was done by me. Fortunately, the police cleared me of a more damaging poster done up by my imposter.

On my part, I have pulled out the controversial poster 2 hours after posting but the public or police may have already caught hold of it and printed it out for use as evidence.

I was issued a warning by the police today and a police record will be kept for filing purpose.

I have decided not to sign on the warning note to close the case as I am unhappy that it took them so long – 6 months after interrogation – to take action against me and all this while I was wondering what have they being doing?

They must be taken aback as most people will simply sign and close the case – back to living their normal life again.

They brought me to two higher ranking officers and the last one must be the police chief who kept pressuring me to sign the warning letter but I stoutly refused!

I was raising my voice abit at times but very controlled all the while without being disrespectful to the three police officers as they are just doing their job.

What irked me alot is after 6 months of exhaustive police work, they still could not catch the imposter who fabricated my photo and nick to post up some seriously damaging posters – something which I think is not high on their priority.

But they are now taking action abeit a warning against someone who has withdrawn the poster after posting it up for less than 2 hours.

Of course, coming so close to the general election, I am drawing my own conclusion but the police kept denying that it is related.

I have challenged them today at the station to charge me in court after consulting the AG Chambers who is leading this particular case if they found me guilty.

I wouldn’t want to sign on a warning note and close the case as if I am found guilty I prefer that I be properly charged in court so that I can defend myself in the open court with a lawyer.

If not, please let me off without even a warning.

Its also puzzling that the police can take action on a citizen as if they are the ultimate judge of the case – is not the judge the final presiding voice?

I was also not properly represented by a lawyer throughout the two visits to the station.

The next more pertinent question is are they really going all out to catch the real culprit who fabricated my FB account and used it to spread serious damage about me for about two months on 5-6 separate occasions?

Is it done by a PAP IB or a foreigner out to take revenge? Nobody knows for sure as the police has not found the culprit after 18 months – so much for police efficiency!

I am a passionate man who will fight very hard for my country, my people and sometimes in the midst of my passion I screwed up.

For that I apologised to the Filipino community.

And to the police and AG Chambers, you can proceed to charge me now and I will accept the charge note and try to defend myself legally in court with a lawyer.

But I won’t sign on any warning letter just to hush up the case.

You can even arrest me or jail me after that but you can never silence me completely as my whole being is crying out for justice, freedom to speak and most of all my love for my country if other people are to play around with our sovereignty.

I also want to thank Roy and Amos for giving me the courage to stand up for what I believe in – it is people like you who made a difference in Singapore.

And also to all my activist and freedom fighter friends – keep on fighting for a better Singapore!

Last but not least, I have no hatred for the Filipino community – you are welcome to work and live here but we ask that you respect us as this is our country.

You are our guests here and we will respect you for your contribution to our economy.

Singapore for Singaporeans!

Gilbert Goh
Founder of

Editor’s Note: In May last year, organizers of the Philippine independence celebration in Singapore were forced to drop plans to hold an independence day celebration at Ngee Ann City, the center of the iconic Orchard Road shopping district, after Singaporean netizens voiced anger and disapproval over their choice of venue. The organizers said that the Singapore Police Force had advised against the event, citing concerns over public order and safety. Gilbert Goh, one of the rallying voices for Singaporeans netizens, was later investigated by the police for allegedly trying to incite hatred against the Filipino community, a charge which he has denied. This latest follow up by the police comes 18 months after the event and 6 months since Goh’s previous interrogation.

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