This morning I read about Ng Eng Heng declaring that PAP will be unveiling their candidates starting tomorrow. Honestly speaking, I am quite shocked.

PAP is notoriously known for its lack of transparency and accountability. Just look at a simple question like if GIC uses CPF money. SM Lee had previously said it did not. Years later though, DPM Tharman said it DOES. Then, there is Vivien Balakrishnan who overspent on the YOG (more than $300 million!!), yet he is still a minister in the cabinet.

Traditionally, PAP has only announced their candidates on nomination day. What then has prompted this sudden change? Afterall, even they know that this it is goint to be a watershed election. So, shouldn’t they be holding their cards very close to the chest, rather than showing everyone what they have??

Well, they are terrified now because of the POWER of the “internet CSI” team!! Yes, for years, PAP controlled the mainstream media. A lot of the journalists were reluctant to report on anything that drew a bad light on PAP. However, these days, we do not have to rely on them anymore because of the rising importance of social media. I mean just look at the babe at the NDP, it only took hours for netizens to dig out information about her!

So, why then is PAP so terrified of the “internet CSI” team?? Remember STEVEN TAN?!He was slated to be the next MP for Tampines GRC. Yet, he pulled out at the very last minute. Rumour has it that he was an adulterer and the woman he was involved in wrote to PAP and informed them of how immoral their candidate was. I don’t really care whether if there is any truth is this. BUT, at least we know that there was enough of worry from the PAP camp to prompt an “auto” withdrawal from this candidate.

You see it is not easy to know how a person really is. Just look at Michael Palmer. Happily married, a renowed lawyer, not only was he a Member of the Parliament, he was the Speaker of the House!! In the end, he also proved to be human and he too had an extra-marital affair. I think PAP must have thanked their lucky stars that he was in a SMC rather than a GRC. If not, who knows – Pasir Ris Punggol GRC may have been captured by an opposition party in a by-election!!

So, this time round, by letting the netizens scrutinize the candidates first. This in turn will save the party from any form of embarrassment, should there be another “Steven Tan” or “Micheal Palmer” in the pool of new candidates.

I have only one plead for the “internet CSI” team. Please hold your horses and DO NOT reveal any thrash about the PAP candidates for the next few weeks. ONLY after they have been nominated, then you go ahead to publish all your findings. Fours year ago, had Steven Tan’s case only surfaced after he was nominated, maybe Goh Meng Seng will already be speaking in the Parliament!!

Prof MC
A.S.S. Contributor

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