It seems that even though the prime minister has yet to announce the dissolution of parliament officially, the gloves are off for some members of the People’s Action Party.

Yesterday, East Coast GRC MP Lee Yi Shyan, who is also Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of National Development, gave thanks to the hard work and commitment by the East Coast GRC team for working hard on the ground since GE 2011, but issued a veiled warning to opposition parties wanting to contest in the ward.

“Someone was joking to me that because we have undergone so many changes in Bedok Town Centre, some of (the Opposition candidates) who come here once every five years might get lost, so we might need to provide free tour guide services to show them around,” he said.

The Workers’ Party announced on Jul 26 its intention to contest in the GRC, having also fielded a team there four years ago. WP took 45.17 per cent of the vote, which as third best loser in the election allowed Mr Gerald Giam to enter Parliament as a Non-Constituency MP.

Bedok Central falls just within East Coast GRC’s boundary with Marine Parade GRC.

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