I’m a neutral voter yet to decide who to vote for. But I believe in democracy, and for democracy to work, we need to see more political parties contesting.

This is the spirit of democracy. More parties contesting means voters will be able to have a better choice.

Take for example, imagine you want to buy a shirt and it comes with only black and white, 2 choices. But what if you want a grey one, or a red one, or a green one?

Surely, having more choices will benefit consumers more. More choices mean that all possibilities have been considered before one makes a choice. So, a choice that comes from a wide selection will surely be the best choice.

So, I think all these opposition unity talk is detrimental to democracy. People should be given a choice to select which party they want. Different parties have different flavours. By restricting the choices to 2 makes the selection very narrowed. The choice therefore cannot be the best one.

Opposition parties should forget about all this unity thinking and should bravely contest without inhibition. We must trust our voters will be able to make the best choice out of a whole series of selections.

If you look at other countries, they have a whole series of parties competing with one another to give voters choices.

This is real democracy, not the current one in Singapore with oppositions tying themselves and not dare to compete with one another.


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