Dear Editors,

I boarded the MRT with my 6 yrs-old (going on to 7 yrs-old; P1 this year) son at Sengkang station and we planned to go to Dhoby Ghaut MRT. When we boarded the train, it was crowded and there wasn’t much space to stand. My son stood next to a reserved seat which was taken by an Indian construction worker. He was listening to walkman and didn’t give up seat to my son throughout our ride in the train.

So I asked my son to hold onto the pole tight with both hands and stand properly. I was still afraid to take this picture as there are many Indian construction workers around us in the train cabin. But I decided to quickly snapped a picture. When the train reached Serangoon station, I asked my son to get off the train as I did not want to stay in the train cabin anymore.

We continued our journey on the Circle line. When we boarded the train at Serangoon station going towards Promenade MRT, a Philipino maid was seating on a seat beside me (not reserved seat) and there was a 60-plus yrs old (Pioneer Generation) man standing right in front of her. The Philipino maid didn’t give up her seat to the old man. Upon seeing this, I had a brief chat with the uncle telling him about my earlier experience on the train on the NE line.

So this is the treatment our future generation and Pioneer generation received on public transport in their own home country, which is so open to welcoming foreigners.

Cherry Pie

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