I wanted to share on something which has been bugging me and my neighbours in Punggol lately…

The shopkeeper (in his late 50s) at a paper stand near my place was talking to me this morning and the topic switched to the NDP. I asked him if his shop would be closed tomorrow and he quickly said, “Why should we close tomorrow? I’d rather open for business than watch the stupid parade!” He further told me if I’d noticed how they (the pappies) were popping fireworks everyday lately? He shared my same opinions when he loudly said, “Do you know how much of money they are wasting on the fireworks this year?! It’s our hard earned money which the government is burning up and calls it SG50 grand celebrations! So disgusting this PAP! My family is not going to vote for them anymore!! Enough of their nonsense!” …

I simply laughed at his comment and said, “So, you too know how this government is huh, brother?” And he said, “Last time, people were stupid, now people have waken up! I sure vote for opposition now!”

Yes! My sentiments are equally the same as his on this!! How much of money is this damn government spending to make this SG50 sooooo special then? Whose money are they using to waste on extravagant fireworks displays?? If the money is coming out of the PAP’s pockets, we could have called this celebrations ‘GENUINE’ just for once, couldn’t we?! Disgusting morons! They wouldn’t help the needy people, but will rob us of our tax monies to celebrate NDP grandly!! I pray it will rain really hard tomorrow during the parades!!

I’m a proud Singaporean, but I despise my government and its thieving habits!!

Malaika Sheikh Alkaf
A.S.S. Reader

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